The Plan

The plan is simple…

GB Map w logos WEBRES

…our adventurers will step out in self sufficient fashion.  That is to say that they will be carry a tent, sleeping bags, cooking kit, the capacity to carry and filter water and enough supplies to feed them for the first few days.  After that they will pretty much make things up as they go along.  There is no support team following them around and nobody is going to be booking them accommodation and three course meals along the way.  There is no entourage and no team sports masseuse for Team Kingble.  They will accept the kindness of strangers when it presents itself but will only travel on foot and will otherwise fend for themselves.

There is no record attempt here.  They’re just doing a big, ridiculous thing.  Partly our of the spirit which drives people to do the things they’ve never tried before but mainly to raise some funds for their chosen charities and to hopefully inspire other people to do big, ridiculous things of their own.


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